Rocky Mountains High

SAM_1170It’s been a bit rocky in recent times, a few hills to climb. We’re heading on the downside now, thank goodness. During all this we made it to the top of Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England.  Rocky going up and in some respects even rockier coming down, but at least you know you’re on the homeward stretch!SAM_1171SAM_1172

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6 Responses to Rocky Mountains High

  1. Great photos and it conjures up peace and tranquility for me.

    • It was very busy at the top of the mountain Elizabeth. It was like Pitt Street there were so many people up there but you are right, it does create an image of peace and tranquility.

      • Ha ha. Your comment reminded me of a stopover in Dubai where my son and I thought it would be great to go on a guided ‘safari’ into the desert. We were picked up our 4WD guide and about an hour later went off road into the desert. And there as we reached the top of a sand-hill we looked across and saw over one hundred – literally – 4WD vehicles driving over the sand-dunes. So much for getting into the wilds!
        (However, it WAS fun). :)
        By the way, are you Australian? (You mentioned Pitt St, but that is in Sydney).

      • I love that. I can see the image in my mind. I was born in Wales, emigrated to Australia with family in 1970. I am an Australian Citizen so yes I am Australian. I purposely said Pitt Street because I knew you would understand what I meant. I’ve walked down Pitt Street many many times. :)

  2. Athena Brady says:

    Amazing photos, its a different world up there. Lovely to see you back, I have missed you.

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