The Friend Within

strawberries“Hello Sally.”  I looked up and there she was, invisible to all but me. She had long golden hair and a mass of curls; her face was smooth and pale with rose-coloured cheeks. She reminded me of my favourite porcelain doll sitting on the shelf in my bedroom. Except for my Mother, I’d never told anyone about her. They wouldn’t believe me. “Would you like to help me pick the strawberries?” I asked. She held out her hand. “Your mouth is all red” she said, smiling. “Mummy says I will turn into a strawberry one day.”

As we wandered through the garden, she pointed to the red beetles with black spots flying from leaf to leaf.  “Last week I learnt about aphids and how the ladybirds like to eat them,” I told her.

Crossing the path together we saw a round spiky creature meandering in front of us, “the gardener’s friend,” she said.  “Did you know that this little fellow eats slugs and snails and other pests?”  Head held high, I smiled, “yes, Mummy taught me that too – you see it’s about sus, sus …. um?” “Sustainability” she replied.  “Yes, that’s it – I’ve only been in school for just over a year you know!”

“This garden is full of life,” she said as bright coloured wings fluttered all around her.  I asked her if she would always be my friend.  She smiled as she disappeared with the soft summer breeze.

After she left, I ran into the house eager to tell Mummy that my friend had been to visit again. She smiled as she always did.  “Do you believe in my friend even though you’ve never seen her,” I asked.  She took my hand as we walked back into the garden.  The flowers were dancing in the breeze and the sound of bird song echoed throughout the trees.  I could feel her presence.

“You might not always see her Sally, but if you listen you will always hear her.  She is your friend within; the one you trust even if you think she’s taking you somewhere you’ve never been before. Follow her and you will soar.  Be a friend to her and you will have a friend for life.


This story is the result of a writing prompt challenge between myself and my friend Sue at Sneakers in the Dryer.  Sue, you’ve taken me out of my comfort zone well and truly this time.  I’ve tried dialogue for the first time as well as having a go at some fiction.  Please take a trip to Sneakers in the Dryer and read Sue’s post The Thang Writing Prompt – “the friend within”.  It’s been fun again Sue and I’m looking forward to reading yours now that mine is in the bag.

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6 Responses to The Friend Within

  1. How absolutely sweet that was, Teresa! Would be nice as a flashback in a story or even as a collection of lesson-type stories targeted at young children directly. Dialogue!!! Geez! I didn’t even THINK about attempting any in my piece . . . I just plum forgot about it! I haven’t done a lot of dialogue and find it very challenging. I recall the first time I tried, too, so I’m really pleased that this writing prompt got you to trying it yourself. Well done! THANKS FOR CREATING WITH ME AGAIN! :)

    • Thanks Sue. I’ve always wanted to have a go at children’s books, this was a little testing of the waters I guess. My 3 year old granddaughter inspired this story even though the child in this one is older. Next time, it’s your turn to suggest a prompt. It’s really is fun seeing the end results. :)

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  3. Athena Brady says:

    I really enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks Tina. It’s good to have a go and thanks to Sue at Sneakers in the Dryer I’m getting a little prompting. :)

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