Postcard from a Long Lost Son


Dear Mum

I haven’t seen you for such a long time. You would be amazed where life has taken me! I’m living in a place where all the people have strange accents even though they speak the only language I know. It gets very cold here. Sometimes I have to wear a coat. I have three now.

After being taken away from you, I went to live with Teresa. She was very excited. I slept in a small bed in a little room downstairs. There was a strange contraption in the room, which used to shake and rattle at times.  Sometimes it sounded like it was getting ready to take off into space, quite frightening to a little fellow!

Teresa slept upstairs. Sometimes a younger woman would come and stay and she would sleep in another room upstairs. Her name was Sarah. I found it quite a challenge to get up the stairs.  Teresa and Sarah would sometimes carry me although I think Teresa preferred that I didn’t go upstairs at all.

Things didn’t get off to a great start as I got quite sick not all that long after I moved in. Teresa got quite stressed over it. I spent two nights in a hospital. They said I had a neurological disorder. The truth is Mum, I was outside when all of a sudden the dark grey clouds started crashing into one another. I thought the sky was going to crash into the earth. By the time Teresa found me, I was a wreck.

After we got over that, things settled down. We used to go to the beach a lot. Oh mum I loved it, I felt so liberated on that beach. I’d run for miles never straying far. We used to laugh together and play ball. If the sea was calm I would go for a swim while Teresa paddled on the edge keeping a strict eye on me.

Over the years, I saw her cry when we were in the house alone. Sometimes she used to get down on the floor roll up in a ball and just cry. I felt so powerless. I would go up to her and she would hold me. I think I helped her a lot Mum. It wasn’t always like that. There were other times when she would put music on and would be dancing around the lounge room as happy as could be.

A few years ago, a man came to our house. I liked this man a lot and he liked me. His name was Joe.  There was a piano in the house. Teresa was learning to play and used to spend hours practicing.  When Joe came, he played the piano and I used to sit nearby. My heart would sing listening to him.

The three of us used to go to the beach together. Teresa was the happiest I’d ever seen her. Joe stayed with us for about three weeks and then he was gone. Afterwards I would hear her talking to him. I could hear his voice but I couldn’t see him. My eyesight plays tricks on me sometimes. Teresa used to race upstairs before she talked to him and make sure she was looking her best, and then come down smiling. She used to pick me up and put me on her lap in front of the computer screen.  Joe would call my name. I couldn’t see him but I could hear his voice. A year later, he came back. It was as though he’d never been away. I think Joe made her heart sing too.

About 18 months ago Teresa went away. By this time, Sarah was living in the house with her man who I also liked a lot. They would take me to the beach just like Teresa did.  They also let me sleep on their bed and spoilt me all the time. Despite this I missed Teresa very much. She was gone for a long time and then out of the blue she came back. Nothing was the same though. She was sorting lots of things out and putting things in boxes. Nearly all her furniture went and other furniture came in.  We went to the beach together as we always did but I knew in my heart that she wasn’t going to stay. She kept telling me she was going far away. She said that I had to be patient because one day when she was sure everything was right she would send for me.

I didn’t see her for many months. I was enjoying myself with Sarah and Mick. They took good care of me. My life has been so blessed Mum. You would be thrilled to know how well I’ve been looked after.

One day Sarah and Mick took me on a trip to a place with big machines that looked like gigantic birds. They told me I was going on a long trip and when I got to the other side Teresa and Joe would be waiting for me. They said “be brave” and were both a little sad when we said goodbye.

I don’t remember much about the trip.  There was a lot of noise but I slept most of the way and didn’t let it bother me too much. When the journey ended, I was taken to a place where I was bathed and given food. I played outside for a while as the day was warm and the sun was shining.

A few hours later, I was taken out into a reception room and saw Teresa with a giant smile on her face.  She gave me the biggest hug and kept saying she couldn’t believe how well I looked after such a long journey. She told me I’d travelled 13,000 miles all on my own. She said she was so proud of me for being such a brave little fellow. Joe was outside and started taking photographs. I ran up to him. We were so excited to see each other.

They told me we still had some travelling to do and I had to be patient for a few more hours until we got to my new home. By this time I was feeling kind of weird, like I was floating above everything, a bit out of this world.  I started to get very drowsy.

I’ve been living in my new home for almost five months now Mum. We live near a river but far enough away not to worry about floods. We go for lots of walks just like our times at the beach in Australia. It’s been so cold here just recently. A few weeks ago, some little white flakes fell from the sky and covered the garden with a thick white blanket that was extremely soft and cold. Even a light fellow like me sunk into it leaving four little shell-like imprints behind.

I’m allowed to sit on the lounge at night when Joe and Teresa are watching television.  Joe is always talking to me. I love him very much. Sometimes he gets a bit strict if I misbehave or do something naughty. I don’t do that too often though. It’s just that sometimes, well you know mum, a little fellow just has to have some fun.

They took me for a holiday last November. We went out every day in the car exploring new horizons. I’ve never been on a holiday before. We went to a place called the Lake District and stayed in Mousehole Cottage. There were hand painted mice on some of the walls in each room.006

Well Mum I started this as a postcard but as you can see it’s turned into a letter. I don’t know where you are or how to find you. I wish I could post this letter to you. If I could tell you all these things I would. Thank you Mum for having me.  I’m having a great life.

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4 Responses to Postcard from a Long Lost Son

  1. Athena Brady says:

    That is not a letter Teresa, its a short story. I could see your little Dog’s face as I read it. Well done, it was lovely.

  2. Margarita says:

    So nice to know you’re all happy! xoM

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